Tropiclean Baby Powder Cologne 8oz Bottle

  • $11.99


There aren't many things that smell better than a baby pet, but baby powder's one of them. TropiClean Baby Powder Cologne takes away the stink between pet baths, reduces static in the coat, and conditions it so it's easy to brush. It's safe to use on cats and dogs, and has a long-lasting fragrance you and your pet will love. What pet and parent wouldn't love putting off the bath for one more day?

Key Benefits

  • Conditions coat and reduces static
  • Soft and light, long-lasting baby powder scent
  • Great for using between baths
  • Soap-free spray won't affect flea treatments
  • Breaks down odors; eliminating urine, outdoors, skunk, and other unfriendly smells


HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Do not spray into eyes.


Spray directly onto pet or source of odor. If odor persists after drying, the spray did not reach the source of the odor. Reapply as needed.

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