ROAM Gone Wild Cape Ostrich Bones (3 Pack)

ROAM Gone Wild Cape Ostrich Bones (3 Pack)

  • $10.48


ROAM Pet Treats Gone Wild Cape Ostrich Bones for Dogs

Add new flavors to your furry canines snack-time with ROAM. This package features 3 bones, each of which measure 3.5" - 4" long. Ostrich is native to the grasslands of South Africa, and are the world's largest flightless bird. They were created with long lets that allow them to run up to 40 miles per hour. ROAM ingredients are sourced responsibly as bi-products of sustainable human food systems. Under no circumstances are animals ever used for the sole purpose of pet treats


  • Sourced from South Africa
  • World Class Flavor
  • Great for Chewing
  • May Help Clean Teeth During Chewing Sessions
  • Hypoallergenic Dog Chew


Size: Box contains 3 bones, Each bone is approx 3.5" - 4" Long

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