Petmate Pearl Replendish Waterer With Microban 1/2 Gal (Teal)

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Sure, drinking from a mountain stream sounds pretty great, but then it's a long walk back to the couch! Now even the city pup can have cool, clean water any time he wants. The Petmate Teal Replendish Waterer With Microban keeps pets hydrated by offering a full bowl of cool, purified water 24 hours a day. The included charcoal filter removes any waterborne pathogens, and the Microban layer around the bowl keeps harmful bacteria from growing.

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies life by supplying your pets with water when you're not home
  • Microban base prevents bacteria also includes a replaceable charcoal filter
  • Great for multiple pet households
  • Waterer is made with PET plastic making it safe for your pets
  • Easy to clean wide mouth bottle, base is dishwasher safe


To Fill Waterer:

  1. Twist Reservoir counterclockwise to unlock.
  2. Unscrew black Lid.
  3. Lift Filter Strap to remove included Charcoal Filter.
  4. Remove Charcoal Filter from plastic packaging.
  5. Rinse Charcoal Filter under running water until all charcoal dust is removed.
  6. Replace Charcoal Filter into the Lid. Snap Filter Strap back into place.
  7. Fill Reservoir with water. Screw black Lid back onto Reservoir.
  8. Carefully invert filled Reservoir onto Base.
  9. Twist clockwise to lock Reservoir onto Base.

To Clean Waterer:

  1. Twist Reservoir counterclockwise to unlock.
  2. Gently lift Reservoir to remove from Base.
  3. Invert Reservoir.
  4. Unscrew black Lid and wash separately.
  5. Base is dishwasher safe. Wash Reservoir by hand.
  6. Replace Charcoal Filter every six to eight weeks.

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