Petmate Pearl Replendish Feeder With Microban 2lb (Pink)

  • $14.99
  • Save $3

Don't let the princess pup fool you; even purse-sized pets like to eat! The Pink Replendish Feeder With Microban from Petmate stores two pounds of your little pal's favorite kibble, and ensures there's always food in the bowl when she's hungry. The auto-feeder has a layer of Microban on the base that prevents bacteria from building up and helps keep the feeder clean. Great for busy pet parents!

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies life by providing a continuous flow of food
  • Microban base prevents bacteria
  • Great for multiple pet households
  • Feeder is made with PET plastic making it safe for your pets
  • Easy to clean wide mouth bottle, base is dishwasher safe


To Fill Feeder:

  1. Lift Lid and remove from Hopper.
  2. Fill Hopper with your pet's favorite dry kibble food.
  3. Place Lid back on Hopper.

To Clean Feeder:

  1. Twist Hopper counterclockwise to unlock.
  2. Gently lift Hopper to remove from Base. Do not remove black, free-flow anti-compaction feature.
  3. Base is dishwasher safe. Wash Hopper by hand.
  4. Dry thoroughly before use.