MidWest Stainless Steel Snap'y Fit Dog Kennel Bowl

  • $6.99


  • Bowls of attractive, rust-proof brushed stainless-steel
  • Patented Bracket Locks hold durable stainless-steel bowl in place on a crate’s wire frame but also allow easy removal
  • Locks hold bowl securely in place to reduce water and food spillage in pet’s living area
  • Grommet hanger and labels allow hanging shelf display

The patented Snap'y Fit® locking system holds your pet’s bowl firmly in place wherever you set it, yet allows the bowl to be unlocked and moved easily. No more mess! No more bothersome cleanups! No more worry! That’s the real beauty of Snap'y Fit® Bowls – besides the beauty of their brushed stainless-steel finish!

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