Lixit Chicken Bathing Dust

Lixit Chicken Bathing Dust

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Keep your chickens clean as can be with Lixit Chicken Bath Dust. Chickens roll in this dust, which is highly effective in removing motes and other parasite bugs.

Features: Removes mites and other parasite bugs; Natural aluminum silicate mineral containing no free silica, no free lime or arsenic
Includes: 5 lb of fine grain
Intended Pet(s): Poultry
Material(s): Natural aluminum silicate
Color: Green and White jar
Product Dimensions: 6 in L x 6 in W x 9 in H
Capacity: 5 lb

Directions: Place dust in a wooden frame on ground or in an area of the chicken coop, put approximately 1 inch on the ground, chickens will roll in the dust to remove mites and other parasite bugs.

Caution: Do not use on baby chicks with down.