Little Giant Brooder Lamp

Little Giant Brooder Lamp

  • $13.99

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* Designed to provide enough heat for small flocks
* Provides chicks with the warm environment they need
* Grip-tight clamp allows you to hang out of reach of curious beaks

Provide chicks and hens with the warm, dry environment they need to thrive. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, Brooder Lamp has heat-resistant ceramic socket and double-wire bulb guard for safety. Scratch-resistant clamp has grip-tight overlay to ensure you can hang it securely out of reach of curious beaks. Clamp provides easy positioning so you can direct the heat or light exactly where your flock needs it. Corrosion-resistant shade has built-in hanger. 10.5" diameter. Use with up to 300W bulb.

Professional Farm-Grade Bulbs helps maintain animal warmth. Designed to provide enough heat for small flocks, this bulb is ideal for brooding chickens or other poultry. Made with extra-thick filaments enclosed in a high-quality test tube glass bulb. 6,000-hour bulb life. 250W. 5" diameter x 6" long.

Heat Lamp Tips & Facts

  • Ventilation is essential when using heat lamps.
  • Chickens are more likely to be overheated than too cold. They do not have sweat glands, and their comb, wattles, nasal cavity and mucous membranes in the throat and air sacs help with heat transfer.
  • Hens may pant, shed feathers, or try to increase surface area by drooping wings if the ambient temperature is too high.
  • Chickens will fluff their feathers and tremble if they are too cold.
  • Monitor the temperature in your coop and make sure it is well ventilated.

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