Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ OFF ROAD Tire eScooter - 1 Left!

  • $2,485.00
  • Save $514

Top Speed: 50MPH


42 miles at turbo mode.
70 miles with eco mode.

Acceleration (0 to 15mph) 1.9 seconds

Climbing Ability Up to 30 degree - Based on 150-lbs rider

Water Resistance: IPX4 (Riding under light rain is alright but not advisable)

Weight of the scooter: 101 lbs 

Maximum Load Capacity: 450 lbs 

Charging Time
14 to 17 hours (Single Charger)
8 to 10 hours (If you use 2 standard chargers)

Folded Dimensions: 59 x 11 x 19 in (LxWxH)

Unfolded Dimensions: 49.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 in (LxWxH)

Brushless Motor: 2x 1200W base = 2400W / 5400W peak
Nominal Watt: 1200W 2x = 2400W
Peak Power Output: 5400W

Battery Type: LG/Samsung Li-ion 60V 35Ah Battery with Battery Management System Protection
2100 watt-hour

Tire Type: 11'' Pneumatic Tubeless Off-Road Tire

Brake Type

  • Front and Rear Zoom Full Hydraulic Brakes
  • Electronic anti-lock brake system (eABS)


Front hydraulic / Rear springs suspension

Type Of Lights

  • Front LED headlights
  • Front LED sidelights
  • Rear brake LED lights
  • Ground Effect Lights

What is in the package?

1x Wolf Warrior with EYE3 controller
1 x US-Standard Charger
1x User Manual

Motorcycle Grade

Built with motorcycle grade hydraulic front shock absorbers and rear spring brake enabling ride in any terrain.

Hills and Off-road With Ease

With this power, climbing up a 30% grade hill (based on an average 165 lbs rider), steep hills up to 30 degrees* will no longer be an issue with such brutal and raw power.

*Numbers are based on average 165 lbs rider, subjected to be affected by actual road conditions, battery levels and other actual riding conditions.

Range and Speed

With the ability to travel at around high speed, the wolf warrior is an absolute beast. At top speed, the wolf warrior is able to hit about 40 miles of range and about 70 miles on a single drive (eco mode).


Safety Cannot Be Compromised

The Wolf Warrior is equipped with dual front and rear hydraulic brakes, with well ventilated zoom calipers.

The brake levers themselves are high quality and thick. Brake activation is smooth without the need for additional force.

High Visibility

The wolf warrior is equipped and well lit from rear to front. It has a big red LED light located at the rear, ground effect, side lights, and 2 huge forward facing LED headlights which would path your way in the darkness.

Portability And Comfort

The Wolf Warrior has the ability to fold and fit into most car trunks.

With a huge and wide deck covered in rubber mat, the wolf warrior gives necessary comfort when riding it. It also comes with an adjustable handlebar, allowing most riders under the height of 6ft (180cm) to ride comfortably.