Dog It Home Guard Training Pads (14 Count - 100 Count)

  • $3.99


One leak guard is good. Two leak guards are better. Three? Now you've got a training pad that can handle even the biggest puddle of pee! Dogit Training Pads have three leak guards as well as a protective plastic bottom that keeps floors and carpet from being stained while housetraining your pup. Each pad also has a natural scent that attracts dogs and lets them know they've found the right place to potty.

Key Benefits

  • Great for housebreaking dogs at any stage of life, including older or incontinent canines
  • Uses a powerful built-in attractant to accelerate dog and puppy house training
  • Uses an advanced, 5 layer, leak-proof polymer technology for a absorbent core to draw in wetness, preventing runoff, messy tracking, and neutralizing urine odors
  • 100% more absorbent than our standard economy pads, designed to make dog housebreaking easy
  • Pads measure 22 x 22-inches