Tropiclean OXY-MED Allergy Relief Wipes for Dogs & Cat 50 count

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Smiling every time you think of your pet is good. Sneezing every time you think of your pet… not so much. Wipe away allergy-causing dander with TropiClean OXY-MED Allergy Relief Wipes. Each pre-moistened dog and cat friendly wipe has oatmeal, vitamin E, and Alpha-Hydroxyl to wipe away dander, clean the skin, and leave your pal smelling fresh. A pet's favorite part? No rinsing required!

Key Benefits

  • Gentle cleansing wipe helps relieve itching, dandruff, seborrhea, and hot spots
  • Cleans while leaving a fresh scent and reduces odor
  • Enriched with oatmeal to soothe and rehydrate irritated skin
  • Pre-moistened wipes remove allergy-causing pet dander
  • Wipe size: 5 x 9 inches


Pull wipe up and tear at slight angle. Gently wipe entire pet until clean. For soothing relief, lay hair in opposite direction and wipe the pet's skin. No water or rinsing required. Use additional wipes as necessary on larger pets. (Safe for use on pet's face and on pets that groom themselves.)